What to do if Bitten or Scratched by a Dog or Cat?

First and foremost – before thinking about or doing anything else – wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water.

Next, gather information on the vaccination status of the dog or cat (of course, this is next to impossible in case of strays). Armed with this information, consult a physician at the earliest.

In case, you cannot – or do not desire to – consult a physician, you can take the following subsequent steps:

  1. If there is no visible skin tear or bruise or bleeding, you might not take any additional step other than observing the concerned animal’s behaviour for 10 days (if that’s possible)
  2. If there are visible scratches and / or slight bleeding or oozing, you will be best served by local wound dressing, a tetanus short and a course of anti-rabies vaccination.
  3. If the injury is worse, you must have your wound dressed, take a tetanus shot and complete a course of anti-rabies vaccination.
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