About Trini Talks

Given how you are constantly bombarded with information, it is only but natural that you have turned choosy. You want to know why a particular piece of information deserves your time and senses. So allow me us a moment to make our pitch…

Healthcare is a rather broad term. Its ambit includes doctors, nurses, clinics and hospitals. It includes your medication. It includes your supplements, if you take any. Heck, it even includes your exercise, meditation, yoga… and even what you eat and drink!

Therefore, it is an aspect where there is simply no dearth of available information – be it WhatsApp, social media or Google. However, if you take a moment to think about it – most, if not all, of this information flows in one direction – from the provider (qualified or otherwise) to the consumer – that is, you.

Now, healthcare providers are not a homogeneous entity. Each has her own area of expertise, her own experiences, her own set of values and preferences – information that is important, but not easily available to you! After all, a 10 minute physician consultation does not allow you to chit-chat, does it?

And what about you, the individual? Your health stays with you as long as you are alive. And your relationship with it changes constantly with time, right? Plus if you observe carefully, you will find that your relationship with your health is different from those of people around you. There is simply a mind boggling level of diversity here. So should your relationship with your health not be taken into account in decisions that might impact it? We would say: damn right it should.

Here at Trini Talks, we speak to your doctors, and you! We try and bring to you the individual behind your typical doctor, we bring you their stories. And, equally importantly, we give you a voice to express the nature of your relationship with your health, tell your health stories. We hope that you find these stories inspiring, amusing, instructive or simply engaging….

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