The A-to-Z of Symptom Storytelling!

Welcome to “The Perfect Consultation Guide: Inform” – your ticket to a diagnosis fiesta! Let’s make your doctor’s job a breeze, shall we?

First stop: Symptoms. Imagine you’re narrating a blockbuster movie about your health. Be the Spielberg of storytelling. “So, doc, my sneezes started their Broadway debut last Tuesday…”

Now, spill the medical tea! List every health tale your body’s been weaving. Even if it’s a distant cousin to your current symptom, let it be known. Your body is a medical novel, and every chapter matters.

Next up, the medication saga. No need for hush-hush, spill the pill beans. “Doc, I’ve been popping vitamins like they are confetti at a party.”

Allergies, ahoy! If your body protests against pollen or peanuts, the doc needs to know. Think of it as your body’s way of sending a text: “Dear Doc, allergic reactions incoming!”

Last but not least, addictions. Coffee, chocolate, or an unhealthy relationship with Netflix – spill it. The doc won’t judge; they’re here for your health, not to organise an intervention.

So, folks, remember: The more drama, the better. Your body’s autobiography is the key to a blockbuster medical consultation. Roll out the red carpet for your symptoms, and let the diagnosis Oscars begin! #TriniDiaries, #ConsultationEtiquette

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